• Paint Problems to Solve?

    Do you have over-sized paint projects? Get a retractable paint system that is sized to your work requirements.

    When your painting or workspace needs are outside the norm…we have a retractable solution that fits!

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    Paint Problems to Solve?
  • Get a Paint Solution?

    A retractable paint booth system is tailored to fit your paint project needs. Whether your paint application is done indoor or out..

    Our retractable paint systems can be used for a specific project or moved on for another.

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    Get a Paint Solution?
  • Get More Wiggle Room…

    A fixed booth represents finality to a business process with no wiggle room. Learn to adjust your business processes, without having to work your process around a fixture.

    Carry out more functions in the same space.

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    Get More Wiggle Room…
  • An Adjustable Workspace!

    If you need to work and paint in the same space…then get a retractable paint booth system. 

    Free up your workspace for other uses…and learn to increase your workflow.


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    An Adjustable Workspace!
  • Compliance Issues?

    Have your paint related problems, created compliance issues for your business? Our retractable paint systems are hatched compliant.

    Engineered for Code Approval to NFPA – 33

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    Compliance Issues?
  • For European Sales Support…

    Contact the European Account Executive to find out how a retractable paint system can work for your business.

    Design your own retractable paint solution.


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  • Delivered Internationally!

    Get your Retractable Paint System shipped right to your business.

    The modular design is container ready and provides cost effective shipping. Let us deliver your retractable paint system…

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    Delivered Internationally!
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    Explore your Retractable Paint Booth Options and get a handle on your painting and workspace issues…

    Get a Free Consultation and a Project Quote Now…Contact Us Today!

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  • The biggest problem we had with the retractable paint system was not getting it sooner...– Don M, Fab Corp

  • Moving to a larger facility wasn't cost effective. Now we have almost doubled our functional space...– Harold S, Container C.

  • What we paint requires us to do it in sections. Without our retractable paint booth we would still be painting after hours...–  Jerry F, PPC

  • Our retractable paint enclosure let's us paint when it's needed and work in that area at other times...–Bobby S, Prototype Wood Designs

Increase Productivity! Toll Free 1.855.618.4646 Get the Best Retractable Paint Systems!

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Increase ROI on Workspace!

Grow your business, increase the variety of jobs done within your workspace. Fulfill more business with the space you have, and improve workflow.

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Get the Right Fit!

The Retractable Paint Systems are custom sized (height,width,length) to fit your application or project needs. Get an Engineered Solution! 

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Work Effectively!

Need to paint, heavy equipment, large vessels, trailers or machinery? A retractable paint system will help handle those jobs more efficiently.

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